Professional IT & Marketing Translation/Localisation

Professional IT & Marketing Translation/Localisation


You need a German version of your English software/firmware strings or documents? One that gives you a competitive edge on your German-speaking target market? I can handle the following tasks quickly, efficiently, and in excellent quality:
  •   Translation and localisation of software, firmware, and documentation in various formats
  •   Translation and localisation of marketing texts for printed material as well as websites
  •   Linguistic testing of localised software projects
  •   Quality checks of material translated by other service providers

Please note that, as a rule, I work from English into German. Under certain conditions I am also willing to translate from German into English—for informational purposes only. Please bear in mind, however, that material translated by non-native speakers should always be proofread by a native English speaker.

Additional Services

Voice Recording

Using professional recording equipment I can support your voice-over projects with authentic and expressive voice recordings in German and English.



Using different frameworks and/or CMS (Content Management Systems) I can create a dynamic or static website quickly and to your specific requirements.

Samples:  static  dynamic


Please send me a description of your job together with a sample file (see Contact). I will make sure that you receive a prompt reply and a quote as soon as possible.


In 1991 I commenced my training at the Institut für Fremdsprachen und Auslandskunde at the University of Erlangen-Nuremberg, and graduated as a Certified Translator in 1994.

Throughout my career I was able to familiarise myself with different work environments and industry settings:

In-house Linguist

For more than 7 years I worked for Xerox in Welwyn Garden City, England, as in-house technical translator. In their busy corporate environment I worked closely with authors, software and web developers as well as DTP specialists and other translators in order to support the company's global marketing strategy.

Agency Translator

In 2003 I accepted a new challenge as Senior Translator for the leading localisation company SDL. At their Munich offices I was introduced to the localisation process from the standpoint of a global player in the industry. Being responsible for various major accounts in a translation and later management role, I was able to extend my knowledge and experience considerably.

Freelance Translator

Since August 2006 I have been offering my services as a freelance translator in the ever-growing localisation market. My extensive experience, as well as my various interests in all things technical (software/hardware, programming languages, telecommunications, digital photography, image processing), as well as creative (music, theatre, literature), make me the ideal partner for your localisation needs.


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